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We aim to be a leading footwear maker by providing footwear of exceptional quality and design and a great customer experience.
We believe that our attention to detail, our extensive marketing experience, meticulous and constant analysis to improve our business processes, and affordability would enable us to expand our business and brand portfolio and serve to differentiate us from our competitors.

We design, market and distribute shoes with our consumer in mind. We strive to make our products as comfortable as they are trendy. We think that women's feet should be decorated the best, but should also get the best treatment possible. We also make our every effort to craft our shoes from the best available materials and we partner with our manufacturing suppliers to ensure eco-friendly approaches, fair trade and safe and healthy workplaces everywhere our products are made.

To ensure the quality of the shoes adheres to our strict control standards, we have internal processes in each factory to ensure our shoes are manufactured according to the guidelines that are set by the headquarters.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to LeBunnys, and to ensure that our staff provides our customers with exceptional service.

We believe that the secret of successful companies lays in relationships - with customers and employees, partners and competition.