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LeBunny Bleu – Romantic Vintage – brings the modern New York fashion scene into the romantic European vintage era creating a unique trend on how the shoes are worn today. Through the colorful collections our designers express a spirit of freedom within the framework of New York's diversity. These elegant vintage style flat shoes innovatively combine comfort with style.

The collection channels retro influences and attention to detail with hand knitted decoration and classic styles perfect for the weekend, work and play. Signature pieces include the avant-garde oxford brogues, classic ballet flats, vibrant slip-ons and innovative water resistant wool boots.


Fall Winter 2013
Rainboots 2013
Spring Summer 2013
Fall Winter 2012
Summer 2012
Spring Summer 2012
Woolboots 2011
Fall Winter 2011
Spring Summer 2011
Rainboots 2011
Fall Winter 2010

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